A few words about us


Our office was founded by Roumelioti Dorita in 2009 and it is based in Maroussi. With hard work, professionalism and a sense of responsibility, she managed to rank the office in the top positions of the accounting offices of Attica. Ms. Roumelioti Dorita is an economist, tax expert of the Department of Economics of the University of Crete and a first-class accountant of the Economic Chamber of Greece.

She has many years of experience in the field, as she was responsible for the supervision of large companies in Attica, as well as the guidance of dozens of small businesses. She has attended and continues to attend numerous seminars. With her continuous training, she is able to offer the best possible solution to customers, depending on their individual needs.

The good reputation of the office has exceeded the narrow borders of the Greek territory, as a part of its clients and associates come from abroad (i.e. America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland).

The needs of our time have changed dramatically compared to the past, while the changes in the tax and labour landscape are continuous and cataclysmic. In this environment, you need a reliable partner who can advise you every step of the way, in a responsible and efficient manner. And we do just that.

In our company, we see each customer as a unique entity and we take care of their needs, according to their own particularities, at reasonable prices adapted to the needs of our times. At the same time, we take care of your timely information and guidance, so that you are never exposed or overdue.

Our company is framed by external partners of all specialties such as lawyers, notaries, engineers and insurance brokers so that if necessary, we can provide you with full coverage for any issue that concerns you.

We envision strong and long-term value relationships with our customers and we are committed to providing the highest possible level of service with consistency, integrity and professionalism.


Yours sincerely

Roumelioti Dorita

First Class Accountant

Economist - Business Consultant

Graduate of the University of Economics of Crete