For Private Individuals

Our office, emphasizing on consistency, confidentiality and quality of services, manages to maintain long-term cooperation with its individual clients.

Year by year, our clientele grows and the close customer relationship that is created becomes more and more established.

Our many years of experience and our constant information about the ever-changing accounting and tax environment, allows us to consistently and efficiently serve the needs of individuals.

We treat our customers responsibly, with honesty, seriousness and confidentiality, principles that are the basis of our every cooperation. We are by their side in every problem, always offering the best possible solution to them.



In detail, the services we provide are the following:


  • Preparation and submission of tax returns E1, E2 and E9 of Individuals & residents abroad
  • Amendments to declarations E1, E2, E9
  • Application for A21 family allowance
  • Application for heating
  • Issuance of tax clearance certificate
  • Issuance of circulation license fees
  • Advice on asset items, avoiding high taxation, capital consumption
  • Submission of applications for regulation of tax & insurance contributions
  • Lease agreements of all kinds
  • Procedures to avoid double taxation
  • Tax representative
  • Issuance of Unified Ownership Property Tax Transfer Certificates - ENFIA
  • Application for issuing a key number in TaxisNet
  • Compilation and sending via internet of the form "Assets and Funds source declaration" for all the interested parties
  • Exact income tax clearance before filing the return
  • Creation of a Tax Registration Number (TIN) at the competent Tax Office
  • Advice and support on tax issues that concern you
  • Advice on labour - insurance issues
  • Unseizable bank account statement
  • Issuance of Unified Ownership Property Tax - ENFIA payment notice
  • Unemployment card renewal
  • Changes in the Register for the correct display of data
  • Execution of bureaucratic work in Public Services and organizations (Tax Office, Self-employed workers insurance organization - OAEE, Social Security Foundation - IKA, other insurance funds, labour inspection, Municipalities, Prefectures, Manpower employment organization - OAED, Chambers, court of first instance)
  • Tax technical tips for covering items


Do not hesitate to contact us, either to request a quote for our services, or for a simple financial advice. We will be very happy to serve you.

In line with the difficult financial times, our office strives for the best and makes regular financial offers


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