For Businesses

The role of the tax advisor is focused on ensuring, both the proper organization of the business, as well as its full accounting and tax coverage, leaving the entrepreneur to deal only with what he knows well, without wasting valuable time.

For us, every business is unique and we focus our interest on its special needs in order to help the entrepreneur in the right decision making that will lead, not only to the viability, but also to the development of his business. Through the success of our partners, our own success is confirmed!

"Success is doing ordinary things unusually well."

Jim Ron



In detail, the services we provide are the following:


  • Keeping single - entry and double - entry books electronically in our offices or at the headquarters of the company
  • Submission of temporary and final Tax of salaried services - FMI
  • Compilation and submission of periodic VAT returns.
  • Consolidated statements of customers - suppliers (subject to VAT- MYF)
  • Establishment of foreign companies and branches
  • Procedures for starting, stopping or changing companies
  • Job subsidies through NSRF and Manpower employment organization - OAED
  • Submitting an income tax return
  • Fully computerized business payroll
  • Electronic submission of analytical periodical statements - APD
  • Advice on work issues, layoffs, compensation
  • Advice or representation in lab or disputes in Social Security Foundation - IKA and labor inspection
  • Choosing a legal form of business according to your real needs and aiming at your correct tax planning
  • Monitoring of the Register of Fixed Assets and Depreciation
  • Payroll statements
  • Hirings - Contracts - Departures - Layoffs
  • Electronic publication of tax and insurance information
  • Self – employed – freelancers who issue invoices for services rendered
  • Execution of bureaucratic tasks and transactions with the State (Tax Office, Social Security Foundation - IKA, General Electronic Commercial Registry - GEMI, Chambers)
  • Tax support and information regarding the Code of Tax Representation of Transactions (K..AS)
  • Submission of Annual Tax Returns E1, E2, E3, form N etc.
  • Submission of Intra-Community Import and Export Declarations Intrastat, Listing and VIES.
  • Consulting Services
  • Constant monitoring of the financial progress of the company and timely information of the entrepreneur about any moves to follow