For Residents Abroad

The taxation of residents abroad who have financial interests in Greece has always been a special part of the tax legislation. Nowadays the transfer of a tax residence from Greece abroad is as relevant as ever.

The need for tax advisory support for people living and working abroad, who have tax interests in Greece is great.

Our office, having a large clientele of residents abroad, can offer you reliable and responsible support in these matters.

taxation of residents abroad

If you are a resident abroad you must be transferred to the Tax Office for Residents Abroad so that you are not taxed in Greece for your global income. It needs a lot of attention because transnational agreements have been signed for automatic exchange of information between countries.

taxation of residents abroad by our office

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Greeks who now have a permanent residence abroad (i.e. those who live in another country for more than 183 days) must change their tax residence at the Tax Office for residents abroad. Yes, the transfer process has become more complex than in previous years, but some innovations have been introduced in the tax legislation that concerns these persons, facilitating the whole process. For example:

- The obligation to ratify the public documents of certain countries with the Hague Apostille, documents which are necessary for the verification by the Greek Authorities of the tax residence of an individual, has been abolished, thus facilitating and accelerating the process (document D. ORG. D 1172275 EX 2017)

- The countries that have signed the above agreement are: Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Poland and Greece.

- It is now possible for spouses living and working in separate countries (e.g. one in Greece and the other in England) to have separate tax residences, thus exempting the foreign resident from both possible double taxation and possible charges (under the conditions that we analyse below) (POL.1201 / 2017, ΣτΕ Athens decision 3950 / 17.7.2017, ΣτΕ 1445/2016 and ΣτΕ 1215/2017)

For any resident abroad who was unaware that he had to be transferred to the Tax Office for residents abroad, there is the possibility of transfer with retroactive effect.
Residents abroad are required to file a tax return only if they obtain a real income in Greece.
Full tax support for residents abroad in matters (indicative): transfer of tax residence, purchase and sale of real estate, inheritance, tax treatment of foreign exchange / remittances from abroad.